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IAPMO Research and Testing Laboratory Field Services


IAPMO R&T Lab announced today our new Field Services.  We can now offer our clients the following programs which best suits their individual needs.

 Quality Control Program – This was designed to assist clients in an inspection/testing program where we come to a manufacturers facility periodically to select samples for random testing.  This program was initially developed to comply with the criteria of HUD UM 73a program for Plastic Fixtures of ANSI Z124, but can cover any standard of choice.  The client has the option of labeling his product showing compliance to the particular standard of choice (required by HUD UM 73a), or simply utilizing our third party testing to monitor product quality.

 Witness Testing Program – This program is offered to clients who have numerous samples for testing, or manufacturers samples to large to submit.  We would actually come to the manufacturing facility and witness testing performed by the manufacturers qualified people.  We would charge per day instead of per item, plus the time to develop the test report.  This program also is great to solve any problems detected during the testing process.

 For more information about the services offered by IAPMO R&T Lab you can visit our website at www.iapmortl.org and click on the IAPMO R&T Lab symbol or you can contact Donna Estrada, Director of Client Services at donna.estrada@iapmortl.org.

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