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ISO 9001 Makes Our Lives Simpler


Some things are just taken for granted. ISO 9001 standard for example is one of them. It makes a great contribution to society, yet it is as if its contribution is invisible.

What if ISO 9001 standards did not exist? You would soon see an increase in poor quality products and unhappy customers, or incompatible raw material that can create unreliable or even dangerous end products.

ISO 9001 standard creates minimum criteria for acceptance in the industrial and business worlds. Therefore, companies having ISO 9001:2000 are free to compete in many more markets around the world. Customers feel more confident in products manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Moreover, customers will benefit from the effects of competition among suppliers. For trade officials, ISO 9001 creates ”a level playing field” for all competitors in those markets.

As you can see, ISO 9001 standard makes a positive difference to industrial and business organizations of all types, to trade officials, to suppliers and customers. Without ISO 9001, there is no more minimum expectation; there is no more challenge to raise the level of quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and there is no more uniformity. What a nightmare! In short, ISO 9001 makes our lives simpler.

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