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Get to Market Faster With IAPMO ES


It’s a cliché, sure, but in the building industry time truly is money. And whether it’s at the job site or back at the factory, “wait” is one unwelcome four-letter word.

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Evaluation Service (ES) can speed up one of the more typically time-consuming processes in the structural steel connections industry: getting a new product evaluated and certified for compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC).

IAPMO ES promises a four-month turnaround from application to completed report and is already delivering on that pledge to a leading structural steel connections manufacturer. No longer impeded by a drawn-out evaluation process, the IAPMO ES client will have its product on the market sooner and reap its rewards faster.

Furthermore, IAPMO ES representatives are available for consultation each step along the way and will work closely with clients on a case-by-case basis, even expediting the process further when possible to finish in fewer than four months if requested.

IAPMO ES evaluates building products, materials and designs according to all applicable codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO ES is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies. Learn more about IAPMO ES at www.iapmoes.org.

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