The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) on Friday welcomed Rosario Marin, secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency (SCSA), and Dave Walls, executive director of the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC), for a tour of IAPMO’s world headquarters and product testing facilities.

It was the first visit for each of the state officials, who were guided around the facility by Gaby Davis, IAPMO senior director of Worldwide Operations, and Dwight Perkins, IAPMO Western regional manager. The SCSA and CBSC, under Marin’s supervision, are responsible for administering California’s building codes, including adopting, approving, publishing, and implementing codes and standards.

After Executive Director Russ Chaney provided a brief welcome and overview of IAPMO’s operations, Director of Code Development Lynne Simnick spoke about the Uniform Codes and described the process through which they are created and amended. Ken Wijaya, senior director of IAPMO R&T Lab, and Phil Cheng of IAPMO R&T described their testing operations.

Following the introductory remarks, Marin and Walls were given a tour of IAPMO’s headquarters, including the code development department, the laboratory and on-site certified child care center.

“I was delighted to see first hand the work being done at IAPMO and look forward to working together as the state moves forward adopting and implementing the nation’s first-ever green building standards,” Marin said. “Together we can make the small changes that will equal big impacts on our carbon footprint.”

Said Perkins: “It allowed them to see for themselves how codes are developed and products are tested and certified. Both the secretary and Mr. Walls were given a better understanding of the operation and the role IAPMO plays in code development worldwide.”

IAPMO recently participated in the unveiling of the Uniform Plumbing Code – India, developed in a joint effort with the Indian Plumbing Association, and will soon partner with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on its own uniform plumbing code.

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