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California Signs Uniform Codes Into Law


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation permanently establishing the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials’ (IAPMO) model plumbing and mechanical codes as the basis for the development of the plumbing and mechanical provisions of the California Buildings Standards Code.

Introduced by Sen. Ron Calderon (D-Montebello), Senate Bill No. 1473 seeks to clarify who has authority to develop building standards, including green building standards, for particular types of buildings and includes intent that the measure will not affect the ability of local governments to adopt changes to the building code.

Sec. 5 of the bill adds Section 18938.3 to the Health and Safety Code, to read: “(…) Those model codes designated in Sections 17922 and 18938 that continue to be published and updated shall continue to serve as the basis for the California Building Standards Code.” The bill establishes the Uniform Plumbing Code and the Uniform Mechanical Code, which were the basis for the 2007 triennial edition of the California Plumbing Code and California Mechanical Code, as the model codes for all future editions of these provisions within the California code.

The signing of the bill is a major victory for both IAPMO and the people of California. As the most populated state in the nation, and as a leader in construction volume, it is essential that California’s public’s health and safety be protected through the establishment of sound provisions. For more than 80 years, IAPMO has been working in concert with government and industry to implement comprehensive plumbing and mechanical systems around the world.

“It’s a win-win for the people of California — not only will the state be using the most respected and recognized model codes in the nation,” said Dwight Perkins, Western Regional Manager for IAPMO, “but by establishing IAPMO’s model codes as the basis for future development of the California code, resources can be better spent on education and member services.”

IAPMO was founded in 1926 by a group of 39 Southern California plumbing inspectors, originally known as the Los Angeles City Plumbing Inspectors Association, and published the first incarnation of the UPC in 1928.

“It was the vision of those founding forefathers that saw the need for the development of a model code that could be uniformly applied,” said Russ Chaney, executive director of IAPMO. “It is therefore our privilege to be entrusted with the protection of California’s public health and safety through the continued development of the Uniform Codes, to serve as the basis for the California Plumbing and Mechanical Codes.”

Sponsor of the Uniform Codes, IAPMO – The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials – works in concert with government and industry for safe, sanitary plumbing and mechanical systems. Learn more about IAPMO at www.iapmo.org.

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