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IAPMO to Conduct Training for the Division of the State Architect of California


The Division of the State Architect of California (DSA) is teaming with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to prepare California Plumbing Code (CPC) and California Mechanical Code (CMC) training for the DSA Academy. IAPMO instructors will teach 16 classes — eight 2007 CPC and eight 2007 CMC — next year on behalf of the DSA.

“Receiving this affirmation of trust from the State of California means a great deal to IAPMO, as it is here that our association began its work 82 years ago,” said GP Russ Chaney, executive director of The IAPMO Group.

The DSA provides design and construction oversight for K-12 schools and community colleges, and develops and maintains accessibility standards and codes utilized in public and private buildings throughout the State of California. The DSA Academy offers classes that promote consistency in the design and construction of projects under the DSA’s jurisdiction.

The instruction will be based on the 2007 CPC and UMC Cumulative Analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of these codes for the DSA. These classes are intended to assist students in identifying the specific code changes that have occurred in California and, more importantly, illustrate the justification associated with each change. The classes will be sponsored by the State of California DSA and will be held in Northern and Southern California during 2009.

“There is no better source for training, especially training on the CPC and CMC, than IAPMO,” stated Dwight Perkins, IAPMO Regional Services manager for California. “IAPMO has a long and rich history of providing the highest quality educational programs, which was one of the tenets on which the organization was founded more than 80 years ago.

“We are extremely proud of our ongoing relationship with DSA and look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.”

For a list of courses and/or more information on IAPMO Career Services, direct your Web browser to www.iapmo.org and click on Career Services or contact Sol Alba at (708) 995-3005 or career.services@iapmo.org.

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