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IAPMO R&T Lab Expands Electrical Services Capabilities


IAPMO R&T Lab, a long-trusted name in independent testing, research and technical services for the plumbing, mechanical and electro-plumbing industries, announced today it has introduced a Pre-Evaluation Service, a comprehensive new service and testing capability.

Through the new program, IAPMO R&T Lab conducts a construction examination of a manufacturer’s product and a complete review of the product literature and drawings to UL/CSA requirements. The initial construction examination determines if there are any obvious areas of noncompliance early in the process, allowing the manufacturer time to revise the construction or select alternate components, if necessary, prior to the start of any formal UL/CSA testing.

“We have found that this can significantly reduce the time and cost of any subsequent UL/CSA Listing certification investigation,” said Tony Zhou, manager, Electrical Testing for IAPMO R&T Lab.

The new Pre-Evaluation Service joins other recent additions to IAPMO R&T Lab’s menu of services made possible through the opening of its new 1,150-square-foot Electrical Lab. These capabilities include:

Third-Party Witness Test Site: The Electrical Lab expands testing capabilities to include electroplumbing, lighting, appliances, HVAC, pool, spa and bathtub products to UL, CSA, ANSI, IEC and other test standards.

“We have served as a witness test site for UL and other certification agencies when their labs are backlogged and clients cannot delay their product launch,” Zhou said. “Our lab has a 2,000-amp power feed and features new state-of-the-art equipment for testing to these standards.”

Performance Testing: IAPMO R&T can conduct any client-specified test, such as R&D testing, material testing, reliability testing, pump curve validation, sound measurement and energy consumption.

Liaison Service: Every aspect of the certification process is handled. This may include assisting with the preparation of submittal packages, typing applications and delivery of products and applications to various listing agencies, as well as following up with the various listing agencies until certification/listing is granted.

Zhou, who joined IAPMO last year following 10 years with UL (pool, spa, bath and pump team), heads up each of these new services and testing capabilities. He is a current member of the UL standard technical panel for UL 1838, UL 2108, UL 676, UL 1241 and UL 1995.

For more information on testing your products with IAPMO R&T Lab, call (909) 472-4100 or direct your Web browser to www.iapmortl.org.

IAPMO R&T Laboratory is an independent testing, research, and technical service agency for the plumbing and mechanical industries. IAPMO R&T Laboratory is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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