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IAPMO R&T Completes First Electrical Certification of a Whirlpool Bath


IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier plumbing and mechanical product certification agency, has completed its first electrical certification of a whirlpool bathtub under the procedures outlined by its recent accreditation scope extension by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This certification formally establishes IAPMO R&T as a better, more efficient option for manufacturers seeking electrical certification of their plumbing products.

The completed application was for U.S. certification of American Standard Brands’ most luxurious (and thus complicated) model of heated whirlpool bathtub with air jets. IAPMO R&T Lab performed complete evaluation and testing per UL 1795 and, upon successful meeting of the standard, IAPMO R&T issued the Detailed Listing/Inspection Report and certificate one month after accepting the application.

“We can offer manufacturers of electro-plumbing products this kind of lightning fast turnaround with the same high level of credibility of any other third-party certification body,” said Shahin Moinian, senior director of IAPMO R&T. “We can do both the electrical and plumbing/mechanical aspects under the same roof, saving manufacturers time and money as they hurry their products to market.”

IAPMO R&T received the electrical scope extension from ANSI on July 30. The accreditation includes such electro-plumbing products as Whirlpools (covered by UL 1795), spas (covered by UL 1563) and the components within them. Other products fitting within the scope of this accreditation include electrical faucets, flushometer valves and similar plumbing fixtures utilizing electrical components.

The ANSI accreditation enables IAPMO R&T to expand its menu of certification services in order to ease the burden placed on many clients, which previously have had to certify their products for the plumbing aspects of their use through IAPMO R&T and the electrical aspects through another third-party certification body. This, of course, added cost and time to the process, thus slowing the product’s delivery to market.

For more information on having electro-plumbing products certified and listed, contact Brenda.Madonna@IAPMORT.org or (909) 472-4121.

IAPMO R&T certifies and lists electrical, plumbing and mechanical products according to established US and Canadian codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO R&T is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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