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IAPMO Expands Internet Presence with Debut of IAPMOnline


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) today unveiled a new Website, IAPMOnline, where stakeholders in the plumbing, mechanical and building industries can read the latest news concerning their work, the products they use and the codes that govern them.

Updated weekly, IAPMOnline will publish news and feature articles from IAPMO’s numerous media outlets, including the award-winning Official magazine, Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention magazine and the association’s newsletters, as well as press releases distributed by IAPMO and its industry partners.

“Previously, much of this content was available only to IAPMO members,” says Gabriella Davis, senior director of Worldwide Operations, “but we’ve realized the value it could represent to a wider audience in our industry and felt that a Web searchable outlet like IAPMOnline was long overdue from a progressive organization like IAPMO.”

In addition to fresh content each week, IAPMOnline will feature an archive of previously published articles that may maintain relevance to many readers, in addition to information promoting important industry events such as code development meetings and trade shows.

IAPMO has published Official magazine continuously since April 1958 and Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention since 1984. Two electronic newsletters, i-connection and the Green Newsletter, were launched in 2007 and Official began publishing an online edition this year. Visitors to IAPMOnline can read not only the articles published new each week, but can also use the site as a portal to access the latest editions of IAPMO’s other publications in their entirety.

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