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IAPMO’s Stuart Asay Named Fellow by ASSE


Dr. Stuart Asay, director of IAPMO’s Backflow Prevention Institute, is the recipient of the American Society of Sanitary Engineering’s (ASSE) Fellow Award as recognition of his exemplary service on behalf of the ASSE.

During his 25 years of involvement with the ASSE, Asay has “contributed unselfishly of his time, talent, energy and finances to the betterment of the Society,” distinguished his chapter, earned the respect of his peers and “strengthened and perpetuated a noble ideal, ‘Prevention Rather Than Cure,’ ” according to the award certificate presented by ASSE President Richard Prospal during the ASSE’s annual conference. Asay is a former executive director and standards coordinator for the ASSE and has been a local chapter officer.

Since its founding 104 years ago, the ASSE has awarded fewer than 140 Fellow Awards, 68 of which were automatically bestowed upon past presidents of the organization. A Fellow Award Committee recommends to the ASSE Board of Directors individuals who are nominated and meet the bylaws criteria.

“This is an incredible honor for me personally and as much a tribute to the work of IAPMO and the Backflow Prevention Institute as it is to my own efforts, for it is IAPMO that affords me the opportunity to impact our industry in the manner recognized by the ASSE,” Asay said.

Becoming part of The IAPMO Group in 2004, the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) provides education toward professional certification, training materials, such as the Backflow Prevention Reference Manual, and services to increase both private and professional awareness of potential hazards to the public drinking supply relating to backflow prevention and cross connections.

BPI partners with other industry groups to provide free backflow prevention devices for qualifying non-profit organizations and publishes the leading monthly backflow prevention magazine, Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention, devoted to every aspect of backflow prevention. Articles provide information and assist in the awareness of the potential hazards associated with the quality of the drinking water supply. The motto of the IAPMO Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention Program is “Dedicated to Water System Safety Worldwide.”

ASSE is the oldest professional plumbing practice organization in the United States. Founded in 1906, its professional members manage, supervise and consult on plumbing safety, health and environmental issues in industry, manufacturing, government, construction and education.

For more information on the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute, please direct your Web browser to www.iapmobpi.org or call (303) 451-0978.

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