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Solar Certification Nothing New for IAPMO R&T


IAPMO R&T has been certifying solar thermal products, both collectors and systems, since the technology enjoyed its first heyday in the mid-1970s. With the demand for solar certification skyrocketing once again amidst the global push for environmental sustainability, IAPMO R&T remains a manufacturer’s best ally in showing compliance to the required standards, both in the United States and Canada.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) accredit IAPMO R&T to certify these products to the requirements of UL 1703, OG 300 and SRCC 100, as well as to the requirements of the Uniform Solar Energy Code® (USEC).

A recent increase in the use of solar products by consumers coupled with the inefficient certification and testing processes utilized by other certification agencies has pushed IAPMO R&T to ramp up its resources to meet the industry’s increased demand for these services. Upgrades include the hiring of two prominent engineers, experts in the areas of Photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal products, and the forming of a partnership with WestPak, a preeminent laboratory in the testing of solar products.

“IAPMO R&T’s certification to the requirements of the Uniform Solar Energy Code is unique to the industry it serves; no other accredited certification body offers such certification in addition to certification to national and international standards,” said Shahin Moinian, senior director of IAPMO R&T. The USEC is published by IAPMO and adopted in a variety of jurisdictions. This mark of conformity tells consumers and inspectors alike that the products bearing it meet all the standards necessary for such products’ safe, reliable operation.

As tax credits are a substantial incentive to both manufacturers and consumers, products certified by IAPMO R&T meet every qualification to receive these benefits.

“If you are looking for speed to market, credibility in name and mark of conformity, as well as a complete certification program to all applicable North American codes and standards recognized by Federal and State agencies, IAPMO R&T is the best choice for your solar thermal and PV products,” Moinian said.

For more information on certification of solar products and/or the Uniform Solar Energy Code mark of conformity, contact Brenda.Madonna@IAPMORT.org or (909) 472-4116.

IAPMO R&T certifies and lists solar, electrical, plumbing and mechanical products according to established U.S. and Canadian codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO R&T is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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