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Henry to Resign as IAPMO R&T Oceana Managing Director


Melbourne, Australia – Stuart Henry, managing director of Australia-based third-party product certification agency IAPMO R&T Oceana, has given notice of his intention to resign from his position due to his family’s desire to relocate to the United States later this year. Henry will vacate the position at the end of June.

Henry, a former member of the Australian Parliament and chairman of the World Plumbing Council, joined IAPMO R&T Oceana, The IAPMO Group’s base of operations in the South Pacific, in July 2008.

IAPMO Executive Director GP Russ Chaney expresses his appreciation for the growth achieved by the new Oceana business unit under Henry’s leadership and the hard work of the Oceana team in accepting and meeting the challenges presented as a start-up business in a very competitive market. IAPMO R&T Oceana has made significant inroads into product certification for the plumbing and gas sectors since its establishment in 2007, Chaney said.

“We accept Stuart’s resignation with regret, but fully understand and appreciate the reasons for this decision and look forward to his continued association with IAPMO in strategic areas of activity after his relocation to the United States later this year,” Chaney said. “We wish him and his family all the best as they undertake this move.”

Michael Kefford, IAPMO R&T Oceana director, will increase his operational oversight of IAPMO’s Oceana activities in the interim while options are explored to fill the void created by Henry’s departure, according to Chaney.

Based in Melbourne, IAPMO R&T Oceana is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ). It certifies plumbing and drainage products to use the WaterMark™ symbol and strongly supports the federal government’s introduction of the Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS), an important initiative affecting manufacturers of plumbing products, sanitary ware and white goods.

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