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IAPMO Significantly Upgrades Career Center Website


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) today re-launched its significantly upgraded interactive job board, the Career Center, with new features benefiting both job seekers and potential employers.

“IAPMO recognizes many employers in this economy are more focused on retaining employees than adding new ones, but when openings do become available they want to attract the absolute best candidates,” said Kathleen Mihelich, director of Program Development and Career Center administrator for IAPMO. “IAPMO’s newly-enhanced Career Center smoothly facilitates the introduction of perfectly-qualified applicants with the employers who seek them.”

IAPMO’s Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for plumbing and mechanical code administrators, bringing exceptional candidates together with municipalities and agencies in need of their talents. Both IAPMO members and non-members can use the Career Center to reach qualified candidates or seek a job.

Among the brand new features enhancing an already successful employment site are:
• Automatic notification when a posted résumé matches a particular job criteria
• Links to facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites to extend reach to thousands more candidates
• “Featured” employers receive additional exposure to candidates visiting the Career Center
• Streamlined application process
• Increased pool of job seekers due to site enhancements on their behalf

• Audio Advantage: Job seekers can create a brief audio clip to introduce themselves and highlight their relevant skills and accomplishments.
• Hoover’s Job Seeker Reports: Provides job seekers with pertinent information on more than 24 million companies spanning 400 industries in order to better prepare for interviews and craft cover letters/résumés.
• Career Self Management Program: Career fitness tools to help candidates develop a self-empowering philosophy to enhance their marketability and performance. Includes a personal locker, planning and status system, professional networking tool and résumé builder.

“Registered employers can post jobs instantly and search the résumés of all registered candidates, who can likewise post their résumés and search for jobs by discipline, geography or keyword,” said Russ Chaney, IAPMO executive director. “It’s all very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

To celebrate the improved Career Center, employers posting a job listing now through August 31 will receive a 25 percent discount by using the promo code: Summer2010.

Take a tour of the site by directing your Web browser to http://careers.iapmo.org/. For more information and/or questions, please contact Kathleen Mihelich at (708) 995-3003 or kathleen.mihelich@iapmo.org.

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