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IAPMO’s Pete DeMarco Appointed as Co-Chair of ANSI Energy Efficiency Standardization Working Group


Washington, D.C. — Pete DeMarco, IAPMO senior director of Special Programs, has been appointed as one of eight working group co-­chairs on the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative (EESCC). DeMarco will join Stephanie Reiniche, ASHRAE manager of Standards, as co-­chairs of Working Group No. 1 (WG1): Building energy and water assessment standards (including diagnostic test procedures and health and safety testing).

The EESCC seeks to increase awareness, adoption, and implementation of standards, codes, and conformance activities among policy makers and the market. Each of five working groups is chaired or co-­chaired by a recognized expert(s) in the field specific to that group’s purpose. These groups will develop a roadmap intended to identify what standards, codes and conformance solutions are available, where gaps may exist, and what additional standardization activities can be implemented to advance energy efficiency in the United States.

“I’m excited to be named as a co-chair on this critically important ANSI committee,” DeMarco said. “As we move forward with new provisions that increase energy and water efficiency in our nation’s homes and buildings, it becomes increasingly important to identify where needless duplication and overlaps exist, and, perhaps more importantly, where new opportunities for standardization exist. I look forward to working with ASHRAE’s Ms. Reiniche and the other working group chairs.”

In addition to DeMarco and Reiniche, the following individuals will lead four other working groups as follows:

WG2: Systems integration and communications
• Henry Green, president, National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

WG3: Building energy modeling, rating, and labeling
• Wayne Stoppelmoor, Industry Standards manager, Energy Efficiency, Schneider Electric

WG4: Evaluation, measurement, and verification
• Kevin Cooney, managing director, Navigant Consulting
• William C. Miller, Ph.D., program manager and senior advisor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

WG5: Workforce credentialing
• Christine Niero, Ph.D., vice president, Professional Testing
• Jane Weissman, executive director, International Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

EESCC working groups will assess standards needs and lay the groundwork for their portion of the standardization roadmap. Each working group will then convene in person in January for a full plenary meeting.

For more information and/or to volunteer to participate on any of the working groups, visit www.ansi.org/eescc or e-mail eescc@ansi.org.

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