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IAPMO R&T Lab Gains EMA Accreditation in Mexico


IAPMO R&T Lab, a long-trusted name in independent testing for the plumbing, mechanical and electro-plumbing industries, has been recognized by Mexico’s ema (entidad mexicana de acreditacion, A.C.) for testing of several categories of plumbing products. IAPMO R&T Lab is now accredited to test water closets, flushometer valves, fill and flush valves and showerheads for certification in Mexico.

EMA is the premiere non-governmental body in Mexico for the accreditation of testing laboratories and certification bodies.

“IAPMO R&T Lab sought this accreditation at the request of numerous manufacturers who were seeking ‘onestop’ testing of their products,” said Ken Wijaya, senior director of IAPMO R&T Lab. “This means that a manufacturer can now have their products tested by IAPMO R&T Lab for all of North America.”

In addition to the EMA accreditation, IAPMO R&T Lab is ACLASS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and is capable of testing to more than 400 standards and providing such special services as research and development, quality assurance, failure analysis and witness/field testing. In addition to Mexico, IAPMO R&T Lab offers “one-stop” testing for fast-track listing of products in the United States, Canadian and Australian markets.

With state-of-the-art testing facilities in Ontario, Calif., IAPMO R&T Lab is prepared to test the products of manufacturers from around the world so they can bring their products quickly to market throughout North America.

As new standards develop in Mexico, IAPMO R&T Lab will expand its testing capabilities accordingly. For more information on IAPMO R&T Lab’s comprehensive menu of services, contact Donna Estrada at (909) 472-4134 or donna.estrada@iapmortl.org.

IAPMO Testing and Services, LLC, d/b/a IAPMO R&T Lab is an independent testing, research, and technical service agency for the plumbing, mechanical and electro-plumbing industries. IAPMO R&T Lab is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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