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IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service Enters Into Cooperative Agreement with Smith-Emery Company


IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) has entered into a cooperative agreement with Los Angeles-based Smith-Emery Company for the development and maintenance of evaluation reports, with Smith-Emery performing the corresponding audits/inspections. As a result of the agreement, Smith-Emery inspection clients may choose to have their products recognized in the form of a Uniform Evaluation Report.

“IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service offers our clients the opportunity to be recognized in an evaluation report while still maintaining their existing inspection and testing relationships,” said Smith-Emery Company President Jim Partridge. “Indeed, competition is good for everyone and we are pleased to team up with UES.”

Smith-Emery is ISO 17020 accredited to perform visual and nondestructive jobsite examinations on concrete, masonry, aggregates, structural steel, welding, pipe and prefabricated units. Smith-Emery steel inspectors routinely visit fabrication shops in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, and Texas, as well as Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Established in 1904, Smith-Emery is one of the longest-standing providers of these services in the United States.

“Other providers of evaluation reports have recently begun to insist upon performing all audits/inspections themselves, but Uniform ES recognizes there are a great many capable and highly professional organizations performing this work and we are happy to be partnering with one of the best in Smith-Emery,” said UES Director Richard Beck, PE, CBO, MCP.

Products recognized under the Uniform Evaluation Service have successfully undergone evaluation based on applicable requirements within the Uniform Family of Codes and the International Family of Codes, as well as codes published by other entities. UES staff thoroughly examines product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to determine if a product is code compliant.

The UES program is built upon IAPMO’s more than 70 years of experience in evaluating products for code compliance. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the program operates under ISO/IEC Guide 65, “General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems.”

IAPMO’s UES offers a full range of recognition opportunities, including recognition for the applicable national model codes, as well as Florida, California and various other state codes. The UES program increases the value to code officials of these reports by combining all of these recognitions in one concise report prepared by an internationally recognized product certification body.

For more information on IAPMO’s Uniform ES, direct your Web browser to www.Uniform-ES.org or contact Karen Snowden at (909) 472-4105 or karen.snowden@iapmoes.org.

IAPMO Uniform ES evaluates building products, materials and designs according to all applicable codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO Uniform ES is part of The IAPMO Group.

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