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Shirley Dewi Promoted to Senior Vice President of IAPMO R&T’s Management System Registration Services


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), in recognition of her integral role in expanding IAPMO’s global prominence, including in Indonesia, has promoted Shirley Dewi to senior vice president of IAPMO R&T’s Management System Registration Services, IAPMO CEO GP Russ Chaney announced.

“It is always a great pleasure to work collaboratively with Shirley, as she has had rapid professional growth and her loyalty to the mission of The IAPMO Group is unsurpassed,” Chaney said. “Shirley has exceeded my expectations since joining The IAPMO Group in 2007 and she continues to excel in her efforts to promote IAPMO’s registration programs throughout the world. I certainly look forward to working with Shirley for years to come. She is a true and dedicated professional.”

Since coming to IAPMO R&T in 2007, Dewi has expanded the scope of service the department offers to include businesses outside the plumbing and mechanical industries, adding aerospace firms, schools, government entities and oil refineries to the list of clients. Dewi played a key role in Indonesia’s adoption of a plumbing national standard that incorporated sections of IAPMO’s Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®).

“I am very grateful for the promotion and the acknowledgement,” Dewi said. “The IAPMO Group has provided me with such an amazing and unique opportunity to grow and sharpen my business and management skills. I feel very blessed to be given the chance of a lifetime to make a difference in the lives of many Indonesian citizens through the adoption of IAPMO’s Uniform Plumbing Code as Indonesia’s national plumbing standard. This is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to working with the IAPMO team for years to come.”

Prior to joining IAPMO R&T, Dewi worked as a quality manager in the plastic injection molding and electronics industries and served as a contract auditor for IAPMO R&T. Before that she was an operations analyst for Lockheed Martin IMS. Dewi holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Cal Poly Pomona.

For more information on IAPMO R&T Registration Services, direct your web browser to www.isoiapmort.org.

IAPMO R&T certifies and lists plumbing, mechanical, electrical, food equipment, water treatment, and solar products according to U.S., Canadian, and Mexican codes and standards, monitoring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO R&T is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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