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IAPMO ES: An Organization Built on Strength 
ES Qualifications 

Building product manufacturers and building officials alike are looking for more than just the required paperwork when it comes to Evaluation Reports — they’re looking for a real partner in the process; a true liaison to shepherd the process from start to finish. And they find it with IAPMO ES.

The organization has leveraged industry-leading expertise in some of the most complex products through its partnership with VanDorpe Chou Associations, Inc. (VCA). VCA’s 30 years of experience with building officials enables IAPMO ES to serve clients more effectively, efficiently and professionally than any other provider of evaluation services.

VCA Code Group is a multidisciplinary engineering company with excellent references in the industry. Principal Tom VanDorpe, S.E., has been very active with the Seismology and Structural Standards Committee for the Structural Engineers Association of California. He is the primary writer of a number of sections contained in the 2009 SEAOC Blue Book, which is the premier publication of the Structural Engineers Association and is recognized worldwide. VanDorpe was recently a co-presenter at the SEAOC annual conference of a well-received report on the Laboratory Testing of Anchor Bolts attaching wood sill plates, which addressed strong industry criticisms with the 2006 IBC treatment of these connectors used in light-frame construction.

This relationship allows IAPMO ES staff to focus on their client, placing a great value upon being more responsive, with an industry-leading level of technical competence and expertise that result in savings of time and resources, which are passed directly onto the client. “IAPMO ES offers a remarkable combination of expertise, professionalism, credibility, customer service, affordability, speed and of course a readily accepted evaluation report; everything the building industry seeks from a third-party provider of evaluation services,” says Shahin Moinian, P.E., senior director of IAPMO ES.

Any organization begins with good people. From top to bottom, IAPMO ES is staffed with highly experienced, attentive engineers and stakeholder service representatives, who give each stakeholder their undivided attention throughout the process for each report IAPMO ES completes on their behalf. Manufacturers need not hire an outside vendor to assist with the completion of their report; IAPMO ES already has staff in place to serve in this vital facilitation role. The organization features more professional engineers and structural engineers on staff and through its qualified consultants than any other product evaluator in a similar field.

IAPMO ES Director Amir Zamanian, P.E., is uniquely qualified to recognize the wide variety of stakeholder needs because he has spent a considerable amount of time on his stakeholders’ side of the counter. In more than 15 years in the field, Zamanian has participated in a wide variety of projects as a designer, engineer and contractor. He has designed bridges, storm water control improvements and roadways.

As a third-party provider of services and reports, impartiality is a requirement. IAPMO ES takes this pledge to heart, as it is an organization-wide philosophy to equally serve the manufacturer seeking the evaluation and the building official for whom it is intended.

When presented with an IAPMO ES evaluation report, these gatekeepers have every confidence that building products meet the required standards. Day in and day out, jurisdictions across the country recognize the IAPMO marks of conformity among the most trusted marks in the industry. This includes ES reports. IAPMO ES is an approved agency in compliance with Section 1703 of the International Building Code (IBC) and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC Guide 65.

“Every IAPMO ES report contains all of the same information and professional scientific evaluation as required by the industry,” Zamanian says. “The format is no different from the industry standard.” IAPMO ES was established in response to the frustration voiced by manufacturers who were increasingly growing tired of a frequent lack of responsiveness from other evaluation bodies during the acceptance criteria and evaluation processes. That call has been answered by a perfectly legitimate and wholly qualified alternative, with a commitment to product manufacturers, homebuilders and building officials — all the stakeholders — satisfaction in every aspect of the evaluation process.

Because IAPMO ES works more efficiently, it can perform its work in a more streamlined fashion, delivering what the industry ultimately demands: efficient product introduction to market, assurance of safety and unquestioned code compliance. End user safety is never compromised, as IAPMO ES conforms to more stringent checks and balances that go above and beyond the requirements of ISO/IEC
Guide 65 and what many other agencies offer.

Based on the specific needs of each client, IAPMO ES has access to internal as well as external evaluators to help keep the customer’s report moving forward efficiently. Speed to market is especially key in these challenging economic times, where the need to recoup R&D costs quickly is aided greatly by a non-delayed product launch. IAPMO ES averages 122 days from initial application to completion of the evaluation report, a pace that beats some competitors by three times or more.

“The advantage we offer in speed is matched only by our commitment to serving each stakeholder in every phase of the process, including after the report has been completed,” says Ohannes Dembekjian, manager of Continuous Compliance for IAPMO ES. “We go right on working on behalf of our clients every time their evaluated product seeks acceptance within a new jurisdiction.”

For more information on IAPMO ES, direct your Web browser to www.iapmoes.org or contact Amir Zamanian at (909) 230-5533 or amir.zamanian@iapmoes.org.