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 IAPMO’s Madonna Appears as Guest on Home Talk USA 



IAPMO R&T Global Sales Administrator Brenda Madonna appeared June 30 as a guest on "Cajun Contractor" Michael King's nationally syndicated radio program, "Home Talk USA." Broadcast in 217 radio markets covering all 50 states, the program reaches 6.1 million listeners each week.
Madonna answered King's questions about IAPMO R&T, including how third-party certification got started, who benefits, which products besides plumbing fixtures people might be surprised can be certified by IAPMO R&T and how inspectors, contractors and consumers alike can “Look for the Mark, Discover the Value.”

“IAPMO R&T is first in fast, trusted certification and there’s really no need to go beyond the UPC mark because it’s the primary mark sought in the plumbing industry,” Madonna said. “Displaying a well-recognized mark of conformity helps products to set themselves apart from the products that have not been proven to meet their applicable standards. And what happens is having products red tagged by inspectors due simply to unfamiliarity with a less-recognized mark can be costly; it can result in construction delays; it can even lead to litigation.
“These are just a few of the many reasons why a majority of plumbing manufacturers obtains UPC certification for their products. It ultimately provides them with great peace of mind.”

To listen to the full interview, previous appearances by Madonna, IAPMO Director of Special Programs Pete DeMarco, RPA technical representative Ada Cryer, Uniform Evaluation Services Director Richard Beck, IAPMO R&T Lab Director of Client Services Donna Estrada, or any other recent appearances by IAPMO representatives on Home Talk USA, direct your Web browser here.

"Home Talk USA" can be heard Saturdays, 10 a.m. to noon EST, on the LifeStyle Talk Radio Network, 4-7 p.m. EST on the Genesis Communications Radio Network and Sundays, 7-8 a.m. EST, on the Business Talk Radio Network.
"Home Talk USA" explores issues concerning home improvements, introduces the consumer to new and innovative products, provides access to industry experts, protects homeowners from consumer fraud, holds the home improvement industry accountable for its business practices, and advocates for a fair and mutual relationship between the consumer and the contractor. For more information, direct your Web browser to www.hometalkusa.com.