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If the Float Fails, the System Fails 


Tulsar Canada redesigns its floats to provide more reliability and performance

BRANT COUNTY, Ont. — When a holding tank is about to reach capacity, it is a control panel that triggers the pumping system to begin emptying it.

But it is the float inside the tank that sends the signal to the panel to begin the whole process. If the float fails, the system fails. Which is why Tulsar Canada re-designed and re-tooled the floats it uses across its product lines with an innovative new product that is more rugged, durable and reliable.

“We went through a total quality improvement process that looked at everything from the design through to the assembly and manufacturing,” says Jim Streeter, the Engineering Manager at Tulsar Canada who conceived the new float design. “The result is a new float that has thicker walls, is better braced and has a much more robust design.”

Tulsar undertook the re-design of the floats as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement. Streeter and his team designed the new float from the ground up. New interior components were designed that worked more efficiently. Elements were added to remove moisture from inside the housing and an industry-leading sealing epoxy was identified to ensure the float assembly remained watertight.

The new floats are designed to last for up to 10 years on an average of six cycles per hour, provided that the float is operating in normal conditions, and are able to withstand 200 PSI burst and leak pressure and 400 PSI of sheer pressure.

“Our new float has been designed to withstand a more demanding environment,” says Streeter. “It’s a better designed, and better manufactured float.”

All of the work, from the research to identify the problem through the innovation and development of the new floats to its ultimate manufacture, has taken place at Tulsar Canada’s southern Ontario facility.

For more information, please visit tulsar.com.  

About Tulsar Canada:
Tulsar Canada engineers and manufactures leading edge control systems for water and wastewater applications. We service the municipal, industrial, commercial, environmental, recreational and residential sectors.  Tulsar offers a wide range of products that consist of Wi-Fi-enabled alarms to standard control panels up to fully engineered pump station kiosks for all-weather conditions including classified areas.  Tulsar supports its products with full startup services at our customer locations and provides schematics through our customer portal supporting end users 24hrs a day; accessible by cell phone, tablet or laptop. Trusted by governments, Engineers and businesses to deliver reliable and innovative control systems since 1981.