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2019 ASSE Mid-Year Meeting Re-Cap 

The 2019 ASSE International Mid-Year Meeting was held April 2-3 at the ASSE International Office in Mokena, IL.

Seal Control Board (SCB) Committee Meeting
The Seal Control Board (SCB) reviewed changes to the Product Listing Program (PLP), clarified certification requirements, and conducted training. It was reported that the PLP grew 21 percent and then the SCB procedures were updated to formally adopt several improvements made to the PLP. The primary certification clarifications discussed were NSF 61, Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, and NSF 372, Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content – when they are required for certification and how ASSE identifies if the product’s intended use is for cooking or drinking water. The SCB also completed training to the new water heater standards: ASSE 1084, Performance Requirements for Water Heaters with Temperature Limiting Capacity, ASSE 1085, Performance Requirements for Water Heaters for Emergency Equipment, and ASSE 1087, Performance Requirements for Commercial and Food Service Water Treatment Equipment Utilizing Drinking Water.

Service Plumber/Residential Mechanical (13000) Technical Committee Meeting
The Service Plumber/Residential Mechanical Technical Committee reviewed information on the schools, instructors, and proctors that are approved to offer the ASSE 13010 Service Plumber Certification. An update was given on the ASSE 13020 Residential Mechanical Certification. The need for contractor support of these programs was discussed.

Fire Protection (15000) Technical Committee Meeting
An update of the program was given, including the total number of certified individuals and the number of schools approved to offer the program. The task group on recertification reported that additional members were added, and a meeting would be held the following week to discuss the requirements for both the written and practical portions of the exam. A report was given concerning question analysis and exam outcomes. The process of how to get this certification approved by AHJs was also discussed.

Product Standards Committee Meeting
The Product Standards Committee met and discussed updates to the Uniform Plumbing Code, International Plumbing Code, and National Standard Plumbing Code, Product Listing Program, ASSE working groups and project teams, and gave project status updates and reviewed changes. The committee also reviewed a new project request for ASSE/ASME/CSA 1037, Performance Requirements for Pressurized Flushing Devices for Plumbing Fixtures, regarding mixed media, and reviewed questions from a test lab regarding ASSE 1011, Performance Requirements for Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers, and the appropriate test pressure. The committee then discussed interpretations for ASSE 1055, Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensing Systems with Integral Backflow Protection, ASSE 1070 / ASME A112.1070 / CSA B125.70, Performance Requirements for Water Temperature Limiting Devices, and ASSE 1081, Performance Requirements for Backflow Preventers with Integral Pressure Reducing Boiler Feed Valve and Intermediate Atmospheric Vent Style for Domestic and Light Commercial Water Distribution Systems. Changes to Procedures for Standards Development were then discussed, and the committee reviewed proposals for a new Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) for POE Reverse Osmosis, and a new standard for high flow ASSE 1016 (Automatic Compensating Valves for Individual Showers and Tub/Shower Combinations) valves. The PSC then made motions to reaffirm ASSE 1044, Performance Requirements for Trap Seal Primer – Drainage Types and Electric Design, revise ASSE 1061, Performance Requirements for Push-Fit Fittings, and reaffirm ASSE 1081.

Cross-Connection Control Technical Committee Meeting
During the Cross-Connection Control Technical Committee meeting, application and exam statistics were given. Updates to the Field Test Procedures, cross-connection control standards, and program guidelines were also discussed. A subcommittee was created to update the procedures for ASSE 1047 (Reduced Pressure Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies) and ASSE 1048 (Performance Requirements for Double Check Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies) for the next revision of ASSE Series 5000, Cross-Connection Control Professional Qualifications Standard.

Professional Qualifications Standards Committee Meeting
The PQ Standards Committee reviewed the status of each professional qualifications standard, both current and draft. The committee unanimously agreed to make a request to the Board of Directors to put the ASSE Series 5000 and ASSE Series 15000, Professional Qualifications Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, into the revision process. There was a review of proposed changed to the Procedures for the Development of Standards.

Membership Meeting
During the ASSE Membership meeting, a few requested member benefits were announced: the release of the upgraded ASSE International website was launched in February 2019; the Complimentary Downloadable Standard ($60 value) for ASSE members has been finalized and will be made available on July 1, 2019 to all new and existing members upon joining or during their renewal process; and a short video promoting the benefits of ASSE membership to engineers, featuring Brianne Hall, P.E., CPD, LEED AP BD+C, GGP, has been created and will be posted on YouTube, social media, and ASSE’s website soon. During discussions, many members focused on sponsoring an apprentice or key employee to attend the Annual Meeting in order to introduce them to the many opportunities for growth, both professionally and socially, that ASSE can offer. The meeting concluded with group discussions on key strategies for member recruitment.

ICRA (ASSE 12000) Technical Committee Meeting
The ICRA program includes the ASSE 12000 Infection Control Certification and the ASSE 12060 Water Quality Program Certification. An update of the two programs was given, including the total number of certified individuals and the number of schools approved to offer the programs. A report was given concerning question analysis and test outcomes. Reports were given concerning how and where the programs are being promoted.

Professional Qualifications Technical Committee Meeting
The PQ Technical Committee is made up of the chairpersons of each of the professional qualifications technical committees, the chairperson of the PQ Standards Committee, and the ASSE International President. The committee discussed ASSE’s various certification programs and shared ideas for improving programs.

Workshop – Promoting ICRA Certification
During this workshop, ASSE staff explained where and how the ICRA certification program has recently been promoted. The presentation deck that staff uses was shared during the workshop and attendees were encouraged to use it during presentations to their local hospital groups. Other opportunities to promote the program to industry leaders, legionella conferences, professional associations, and contractors were discussed.

If these meetings sound interesting, you should join us Sept. 22-26 in Reno, NV at the 2019 ASSE International Annual Meeting for five days of education, input, networking, idea sharing, advice, and camaraderie. At the Annual Meeting, experts from all segments of the industry gather to participate in meetings, attend educational seminars and courses, celebrate member achievements, and network with professionals.