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IAPMO Joins Fifth Annual “Imagine a Day Without Water” to Raise Awareness About the Value of Water 

Oct. 13, 2019 – Today, IAPMO joined elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators, and businesses from across the country as part of the fifth annual “Imagine a Day Without Water,” a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water. Led by the Value of Water Campaign, a thousand organizations across the country will raise awareness about not taking water for granted and the crucial need for investment in our nation’s water systems.

An investment in our drinking water and wastewater systems is essential to our national health, safety, environment, and economic prosperity. Through its charity, the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH), IAPMO and its industry partners put words into action. Projects in Tibet, India, South Africa, Indonesia and the Navajo Nation have improved the lives in these disadvantaged communities through sustainable, safe water and sanitation systems.
The ability to turn on the tap for clean, safe drinking water, and to flush the toilet with no second thought about what happens to wastewater are actions most Americans take for granted every day. But drought, flooding, and population changes are stressing our water and wastewater systems. While most Americans enjoy reliable water service, our nation’s water infrastructure is aging and in need of investment. A day without water service is a public health and an economic disaster: a single nationwide day without water service would put $43.5 billion in economic activity at risk.

IAPMO joined “Imagine a Day Without Water” to draw attention to the need for enforceable, consistent plumbing codes to ensure the delivery of potable water and the removal of waste from communities. Working with domestic as well as international governments and industry groups, IAPMO's ANSI-accredited Uniform Plumbing Code is the working document for safe plumbing practices for more than half of the world's population. IAPMO R&T and R&T Lab product testing and certification are key elements to assist in providing installers and regulators the confidence that the parts used in the plumbing system meet the requirements of the codes and standards.

“The goal and mission of IAPMO is to provide access to water and sanitation to those who need it most," said GP Russ Chaney, CEO of The IAPMO Group. "Regardless of whether that’s around the world or in our own backyard, we are going to do our very best to ensure people have access to this fundamental human right. Industry, from skilled trades to manufacturers, brings incredible value and has an important role to play in finding sustainable solutions.”

"We're thrilled that IAPMO is a part of ‘Imagine a Day Without Water.’ This national day of action educates our neighbors and public officials about the essential role water plays in all of our lives,” said Radhika Fox, CEO of the US Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Campaign. “Most Americans have enjoyed clean, safe, reliable water service for very low costs for generations. But the infrastructure and service it takes to bring water to our homes and businesses and take it away is not free and can’t be taken for granted. We all need to educate ourselves about where our water comes from and the investment these critical systems need.”

Imagine a Day Without Water is an opportunity for diverse organizations, from environmental advocates to coffee shops, aquariums to car washes, city halls to water utilities, to talk about what water is important to them. Over the past five years, it has provided a platform for educating the public and advocating for leaders to prioritize investing in water today, so in the future no American will have to imagine a day without water. Learn more at imagineadaywithoutwater.org and follow the conversation on social media at #ValueWater.