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Well Developed Quality Management System Can Improve Bottom Line


We all know that the cost associated with improving quality is not always an easy sell. Most quality professionals have had some experience in dealing with bosses who wanted to implement a quality management system, such as ISO 9001, in their organization but did not have the resources needed to do so. Moreover, many of you know that convincing top management to invest in the necessary resources takes a considerable amount of effort and perseverance.

But one thing that all businessmen, in any industry, in any country have in common is that they all pay attention to their bottom line. This means that you will have a better shot at convincing top management to invest in the resources that you need by being able to explain how a good quality management system can improve their bottom line.

How can you convince top management of the benefits of a good quality management system? First of all, you’ll need to do your research. Remember, just like a person, no company is the same. They are all unique. Find out what problems your company is currently facing, such as high customer complaints, long lead times, or high scrap amounts. Once you identify all of these issues, try to quantify them in terms of how much money your company loses as a result of these problems.

Next, list all of the resources that you need to implement your quality management system. Along with the list of resources, write down the cost of such resources.

From there, match the resources to the list of issues that you came up with earlier to show how each resource contributes to reducing and/or eliminating the issues. Using all of the research and brainstorming that you have done here, show your top management that by investing in the resources that you need, you will be able to improve their bottom line. Remember, your company’s top management is made up of businesspeople. If you can prove to them that a well-developed quality management system can improve their bottom line, they are more than likely to invest in the resources that you need.

Keep in mind that convincing top management is only half the battle. You will need to maintain and improve your quality management system because in today’s economy, you have to be proactive and receptive to the changes in your industry to stay competitive. This is why ISO 9001 is an excellent foundation for any quality management system, as this standard is business-oriented and focused on continuous improvement.

To find out more about ISO 9001, please call toll free 877-4-MY-ISO-1 (inside USA) or +1-909-230-5530 (outside USA).

The IAPMO R&T Registration Services Department provides quality management system auditing and certification services for recognized international standards. IAPMO R&T is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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