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IAPMO to present International Emerging Technology Symposium


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) will convene an International Emerging Technology Symposium, Aug. 19-20, and later broadcast the event worldwide via the Internet as a “Webinar.”

The timely event is designed to provide a portal for IAPMO’s partners in the manufacturing, engineering and trade industries to display and demonstrate their inventive solutions to regulatory developments. IAPMO is seeking sponsors, presenters and panelists to participate in the symposium by providing experts who can discuss how they have responded to regulations governing some of the following topics:
• Water, Sanitation and Health
• Water and Energy Efficiency
• Water Reuse
• Solar and Other Renewable Energies
• Water Quality
• Fat, Oil and Grease Discharges
• Other topics suggested by participants

The symposium will be recorded by a professional company in front of a live audience. Once recorded, a “Webinar” will be produced for event sponsors to make available (via the Internet) to their respective members, customers and the groups and individuals they serve.

“This symposium represents an exciting opportunity to highlight how our industry creates and adapts to emerging technologies through the use of a vital emerging technology: the Internet,” said IAPMO Executive Director GP Russ Chaney. “The event promises to be tremendously informative, as we trust a great many unique organizations will seize the opportunity by providing their most highly-qualified experts as presenters and panelists.”

The symposium will be held near an international airport in the central United States. Suitable facilities are being researched and an announcement will follow soon.

For sponsorship opportunities and/or information on participating in the event, please contact Maria Sol Alba at (708) 995-3005 or Career.Services@iapmo.org.

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