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Standards Council issues TIAs UMC-018-06 and UPC-023-06


The IAPMO Standards Council Monday handed down favorable decisions on two Tentative Interim Amendments (TIA) to the 2006 Uniform Mechanical Code® (UMC) and 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC).

The council issued TIA UMC-018-06 to amend language in an existing footnote, add parentheses to a second and create additional language constituting two new footnotes to Table 4-4 in the 2006 UMC. Table 4-4 addresses minimum exhaust rates in various occupancy categories; the amended and new language helps better clarify and define those categories.

These changes will also be reflected in the 2009 edition of the UMC.

In a simultaneous, but separate ruling, the Standards Council also issued TIA UPC-023-06 to delete language deemed contradictory to subsequent language in Table 4-1 of the 2006 UPC. In the second paragraph, the sentence “The total occupant load shall be determined by minimum exiting requirements” was stricken because the occupant load and use of the building or space under consideration shall first be established using the Occupant Load Factor Table A, not by existing requirements, according to the later correct language.

This change will also be reflected in the 2009 UPC.

Both TIAs were balloted through the Mechanical and Plumbing Technical Committees, respectively, in accordance with the Regulations Governing Committee Projects to determine if there existed the necessary three-fourths majority support on technical merit and emergency nature to establish the recommendation for issuance. Each TIA passed on both accounts.

To examine TIA UMC-018-06 and TIA UPC-023-06 in their entirety, and/or any other TIAs affecting the UPC and UMC, please direct your Web browser here.

TIAs are proposals based on the determination of an emergency nature requiring prompt action to amend code that contains an error or omission that was overlooked during the regular code development process, contains a conflict within the document or with another IAPMO document, or to correct a hazard, promote an advancement in safeguarding the public or provide an opportunity to correct an adverse impact on a product or method of installation.

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