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IAPMO Begins Work on Green Supplement


Following through on its commitment to be the leader in sustainable model code provisions through the promotion of safe and reliable, environmentally responsible construction practices, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) on April 9 in Chicago convened the inaugural meeting of its Green Technical Committee. This initial dialogue formally launches IAPMO’s efforts to identify opportunities to make the Uniform Codes more embracing of sustainable practices and technologies and develop the first ever green supplement for plumbing and mechanical codes.

Assembled from a host of top experts in water efficiency and the sustainable plumbing and mechanical industries, the Green Technical Committee seeks to develop and maintain a supplemental document establishing requirements for green plumbing and mechanical systems, while ensuring these practices are safe and reliable. The green plumbing and mechanical supplement will also serve as a repository for provisions that can ultimately be integrated into the Uniform Codes and supplement codes developed by other organizations.

“I consider it a great honor to be part of this pioneering effort to develop a whole new set of provisions that promote and ensure sustainability in our future building practices,” said committee Chairman Bill Erickson of CJ Erickson Plumbing Co. “I have placed a very high priority in my work to see this to its fruition.”

The supplement will seek to meet these requirements through the use of high-efficiency fixtures, appliances and equipment, water reuse and conservation, and renewable energy sources; reexamination of sizing methods and design practices; placing more emphasis on maintenance; and many other tenets of the green movement.

“By creating a comprehensive green plumbing and mechanical supplement, many proactive jurisdictions will have the option of adopting the requirements or using them as a resource to complement their existing plumbing and mechanical codes,” said Dave Viola, IAPMO director of Special Services. “Many municipalities across the country have been asking for such a document.”

At the meeting, clearly defined goals were established and task groups were formed to tackle specific issues in the development of the code supplement.

The committee’s next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 21 in Chicago.

Sponsor of the Uniform Codes, IAPMO – The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials – works in concert with government and industry for safe, sanitary plumbing and mechanical systems. Learn more about IAPMO at www.iapmo.org.

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