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AIA Taps IAPMO for Educational Needs


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has been approved as a Registered Provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the leading national association for licensed architects. As a result, architects and related professionals can now satisfy their continuing education AIA renewal requirements through participation in IAPMO courses and seminars.

“The AIA is dedicated to providing quality continuing education to its members and has recognized IAPMO as an organization that meets their high quality standard,” said Kathleen Mihelich, IAPMO director of Career Services. “This makes IAPMO an alternative for architects nationwide who desire to learn more about the plumbing and mechanical codes. Architects are no longer limited to continuing education concerning only the building code.”

The approval was granted based on a comprehensive AIA review of IAPMO’s educational content development and instructional design process; needs assessment protocol; quality assurance and improvement measures; and program and information management procedures. The AIA concluded IAPMO satisfied each requirement on behalf of its membership.

It’s another step in fulfilling IAPMO’s goal to provide educational and training services — accredited by bodies both international and national on down to the state and jurisdiction level — to a broad group of professionals for whom continuing education is vital.

“Accreditation is a distinctive mark of quality that indicates external recognition of our commitment to quality; provides expanded professional development opportunities; and increases our opportunities to gain valuable input, best practices, resources and support from peers,” Mihelich said. “This achievement is yet another example of IAPMO reaching new heights as an advocate of the code administration profession, and as a champion for the advancement of professionals in pursuit of their career potential.”

For a list of courses and/or more information on IAPMO Career Services, direct your Web browser to www.iapmo.org and click on Career Services or contact Sol Alba at (708) 995-3005 or career.services@iapmo.org.

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