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IAPMO ES Helps Stanley-Bostitch Get Hurricane Ready


Hurricane season is here. The first, Bertha, is already gathering momentum in the mid-Atlantic, a harbinger of the destructive storms that will batter the Southeast coast this summer. But thanks to a speedy assist from IAPMO Evaluation Services, the Stanley®-Bostitch® family of four extra strength fasteners, the HurriQuake® nails, are already on store shelves and available through Internet retailers.

Pressed with a deadline as imposing as 130 mph winds, Stanley-Bostitch needed an ES report — and fast.

“The timing was essential in that we wanted to be available for hurricane season and prior to the 2009 construction season,” said Robert Leichti, senior compliance engineer for Stanley-Bostitch. “We needed to get a report and didn’t have a year to wait for it. It just wouldn’t work that way.”

IAPMO ES promised a turnaround within 120 days and finished in nearly half that time, delivering the completed report just 76 days later.

“They were very clear about what they wanted and we worked hard to meet their deadline and customer service needs,” said Jon Vann, project coordinator for IAPMO ES. “They were attracted to the quick turnaround we could commit to and it was our pleasure to be able to deliver on that promise so they could get their product to market.”

The HurriQuake nails are suited for new construction, structure-fortifying retrofits and hurricane/earthquake damage repair.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with IAPMO ES,” Leichti said. “The turnaround time was unprecedented. They were really attentive to our schedule and worked diligently with us in that regard. We will certainly consider using IAPMO ES for our future reports.”

To learn more about the HurriQuake® nail, direct your Web browser here.

IAPMO ES offers both the required speed and credibility for a product’s aggressive introduction to the marketplace. Manufacturers enjoy the benefits of the fast turnaround and viability of an IAPMO ES evaluation report and building officials recognize the inherent quality and accountability IAPMO ES brings to all of its work.

For more information on IAPMO ES, direct your Web browser to www.iapmoes.org or contact Amir Zamanian at (909) 230-5533 or amir.zamanian@iapmoes.org.

IAPMO ES evaluates building products, materials and designs according to all applicable codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO ES is part of The IAPMO Group.

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