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IAPMO Green Code Supplement Offers Innovative Solutions to Potable Water Challenges in the Middle East


The influence of the uniform plumbing codes developed with help from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Jordan is already being felt daily by the millions of people who reside in those countries. The drinking water that flows from the taps in their homes and businesses will be much safer now thanks to the provisions of each nation’s recently adopted plumbing code.

But the availability of potable water is every bit as big a concern in the Middle East as the safety of that water, with these arid nations become increasingly more dependent upon seawater desalination for their freshwater needs.

IAPMO is already well positioned to help these nations better conserve this vital resource through the development of the soon-to-be-published Green Supplement, the most comprehensive document ever created regarding residential and commercial sustainable plumbing and mechanical systems. Scheduled for release in early 2010, the Green Supplement will complement IAPMO’s Uniform Codes (or any other adopted plumbing and mechanical code) by introducing additional language pertaining to water efficiency and conservation, alternate water sources and environmental quality.

Contained within its chapters and sections will be the answers to many water shortage issues facing communities in the Middle East. For example, the supplement increases the efficiency of plumbing fixtures and fittings by more than 20 percent above the current Uniform Plumbing Code© requirements.

The Green Supplement is not a “greener” version of the Uniform Codes, but rather a separate document establishing requirements for sustainable building and water efficiency applicable to plumbing and mechanical systems. It will serve as an invaluable resource for water-starved communities and for code officials, plumbers, contractors, engineers and manufacturers in designing, installing and approving more sustainable plumbing and mechanical systems.

When adopted as an adjunct to existing codes, the Green Supplement will:
• Provide enforcement support for existing green ordinances and serve as a model for jurisdictions implementing such ordinances
• Be written in a format similar to existing Uniform Codes
• Maintain IAPMO’s philosophy of a focused, industries-specific document to minimize the need for additional codes and standards
• Resolve conflicts among other sustainable building and water efficiency program requirements

GP Russ Chaney, executive director of The IAPMO Group said: “The combination of rapid population and building growth when compounded by existing geographic conditions in the Middle East dictates the need for strong, decisive measures toward water efficiency and conservation. IAPMO’s expertise in this arena will be displayed in the language of this Green Supplement, which we believe will serve as a realistic and sustainable road map for water starved nations to maintain the availability of clean potable water for their citizens.”

For more information about the Green Supplement and/or IAPMO’s commitment to a sustainable environment, please direct your Web browser here.

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