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IAPMO R&T Accredited by SCC to Certify Electrical Products


IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier plumbing and mechanical product certification agency, has received a scope extension from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for the certification of electrical products to be sold in Canada. In July, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) granted a similar extension for products sold within the United States.

The accreditation extends to electro-plumbing products such as Whirlpools (covered by CSA C22.2 No. 218.2), spas (covered by CSA C22.2 No. 218.1) and the components within them. Other products fitting within the scope of this accreditation include electrical faucets, flushometer valves and similar plumbing fixtures utilizing electrical components.

These SCC and ANSI accreditations enable IAPMO R&T to expand its menu of certification services in order to ease the burden placed on many clients, which previously have had to certify their products for the plumbing aspects of their use through IAPMO R&T and the electrical aspects through another third-party certification body. This, of course, adds cost and time to the process, thus slowing the product’s delivery to market.

“Certification to the North American requirements is of utmost importance to many of our clients and therefore we are ecstatic to have received accreditation from SCC to certify electrical-plumbing products,” said Shahin Moinian, senior director of IAPMO R&T.

For more information on having electro-plumbing products certified and listed, contact Brenda.Madonna@IAPMORT.org or (909) 472-4121.

IAPMO R&T certifies and lists plumbing, mechanical and electrical products according to established US and Canadian codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO R&T is part of The IAPMO Group’s family of companies.

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