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IAPMO Seeks Kauffman, Kneidinger Award Nominees


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is calling for nominations for the George Kauffman Lifetime Achievement Award and the newly-renamed Joseph Kneidinger Green Contractor of the Year Award, both to be presented to the recipients at IAPMO’s 81st Annual Education and Business Conference, Sept. 26-30, in Seattle, Wash.

The Kauffman Award, named for the former 43-year IAPMO member and industry trailblazer nicknamed “Mr. Code,” who passed away in 2001, is IAPMO’s highest honor, presented to those who have left an indelible mark upon the association and the plumbing and mechanical industries.

The Kneidinger Green Contractor Award, given for the first time last year, honors the IAPMO member contractor who best fulfills or symbolizes a commitment to environmental sustainability through his or her work in the plumbing and mechanical industries. It has been renamed this year in honor of Joseph Kneidinger, an IAPMO member and passionate Green advocate who passed away last September.

Kneidinger was a senior plumbing inspector for the City of Portland, Ore., who dedicated his professional and personal life to the advancement of sustainable and renewable principles.

The IAPMO Board of Directors voted at its recent meeting to rename the award because its recipient each year would embody the commitment to which Kneidinger was so dedicated.

Nominations for each will be accepted until May 15, after which the Board will select qualified recipients at its summer meeting. The Kneidinger Award is given out every year, while the Kauffman Award is given only when the Board deems a nominee truly worthy. Kneidinger Award nominations should be presented to the Board through the Committee for Awareness and Understanding of a Sustainable Environment (C.A.U.S.E.), the Green Technical Committee or the Board itself. Kauffman Awards nominations should be made directly to the Board.

The Kneidinger Award and Kauffman Award, if a recipient is selected, will be given in addition to IAPMO’s other long-standing annual honors, the Industry Person of the Year, Government Person of the Year and American Flag awards.

While it is tradition to surprise the winners of the Government and Industry Persons of the Year and American Flag awards at conference, the winner of the Joseph Kneidinger Green Contractor award is notified in advance to ensure he or she is present to accept the honor.

Recipients of these awards will be featured in IAPMO’s publications, including Official magazine, IAPMOnline.com and the electronic Green Newsletter and I-Connection.

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