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New Carrier Website Provides Homeowners with an Improved Digital Experience


INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 2, 2020 — Carrier has redesigned its residential website in order to enhance homeowner interaction points with the brand through new features that improve the online experience. The new website is an important step in Carrier’s digital transformation as its residential business reinvents its holistic digital footprint. During this transformation, Carrier plans to make several upgrades and additions to its digital offerings including a complete revamp of consumer apps to offer a premium user experience to homeowners, as well as significant upgrades to channel technologies to help Carrier dealers and distributors more easily do business. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions. 

In addition to a complete redesign, Carrier has also added a number of features to the website that will allow users to interact with the brand in new ways including: 

  • 24/7 Chatbot – customers can quickly get the information they’re looking for with a chatbot that guides users to product information, Carrier experts for a quote, service or repair, technical support and warranty information. 
  • Online Product Personalization via a System Builder – users can incorporate their specific heating and cooling needs in order to identify the product or system that’s right for them. 
  • Prominently Displayed Ratings & Reviews – users can access real-world information from consumers on Carrier products and contractors. 
  • Mobile Optimization –the website is optimized for the device that is most convenient for the consumer. 
  • An Always-On Survey – the site harnesses consumer sentiment 24/7 to create a robust feedback loop of data that will inform future site enhancements. 

“We’re proud to introduce Carrier’s new website for residential customers. It’s an important step in our digital transformation and offers many of the features that consumers have come to expect, including ease-of-access, ratings & reviews, mobile optimization and 24/7 chat functionality,” said Gundeep Singh, Executive Director, Digital and Analytics, Residential HVAC, Carrier. “The new website will not only change the way homeowners interact with our brand, but it will also change the user experience to allow for a richer, easier way to learn about our products.” 

To view the new site, please visit https://www.carrier.com/residential/en/us/

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